Saturday, August 7, 2010

Episode 17 | "Things Out There That'll Bend Your Bones"

Welcome to Tony Tost's America. My name is Tony Tost, and this is my America.

“Boys, the Night Will Bury You,” Richard Buckner; “Snake Song,” Emmylou Harris; “$1000 Wedding,” Gram Parsons; “A Wedding in Cherokee County,” Randy Newman; “Stranger in My Own Home Town (Outtake),” Elvis Presley

WC Fields employs his genius

“I Walk on Gilded Splinters,” Dr. John; “In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad),” Dolly Parton; “Come Kiss Your Man,” Doug Kershaw

Richard Pryor and Cassius Clay solicit an array of laughter

“I Was a Stranger,” Smog; “Catfish Blues (Solo Demo),” Gregg Allman; “Let Me In,” Porter Wagoner

Rev. Emmett Dickinson knows Hell like a baby knows his father

“Back Home in Huntsville Again,” Bobby Bare; “Cocaine Blues,” Roy Hogsed; “A Train’s A-Coming,” Ella Jenkins

Johnny Cash’s ramblin’ fever

“The Voice Within,” Percy Mayfield; “Don’t Go to Strangers,” JJ Cale; “We Re-Opened an Old Love,” Melba Montgomery; “In the Shadow of the Pines,” The Carter Family; “I’ve Been Pretending (Everything’s Alright),” Pauline Rodgers; “I Still Miss Someone,” Laura Cantrell

John Peel sees the river rising

“Dragging the River,” Ferlin Husky

Rev. T.E. Weems is waiting down there by the train

“Desperadoes Waiting for a Train,” Slim Pickens; “My Prayer,” Roy Orbison; “State Trooper,” Bruce Springsteen; “Philosophy,” Tennessee Ernie Ford

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  1. Great episode. Where is the Elvis outtake from?

  2. Thanks Tony! Another gem. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Nigel and Jim! Happy to share.

    The Elvis outtake is from the Memphis Record sessions; in the comment field over here ( are directions to finding it.

  4. Porter Wagoner was born in my hometown. Porter Wagoner is awesome. Your podcast is awesome.