Monday, September 27, 2010

Episode 18 | "I'm an Astronaut, and I Own This Bar"

Welcome to Tony Tost’s America. My name is Tony Tost, and this is my America.

“Your Own Back Yard,” Dion

Tom Waits hawks his wares

“I’ve Just Destroyed the World,” Willie Nelson; “Blood Done Signed My Name,” The Radio Four; “Walking With Frankie,” Frankie Lee Sims; “Another Lonely Saturday,” Dee Dee Warwick; “Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos),” The Highwaymen

Glen Sherley testifies

“Look Back in Anger,” Glen Sherley; “Monkey David Wine,” David Allan Coe; “Midnight Train,” The Delmore Brothers; “Oozlin’ Daddy Blues,” Bob Wills; “No One to Love Me,” Manny Nichols; “Wonder Drug,” Carl Butler; “Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt (pt. 1),” Otis Jackson; “Tupelo,” Captain Beefheart; “Rivers of Babylon,” Steve Earle

Albert Ayler gets too close

“See His Blessed Face,” Sister Wynona Carr

William S. Burroughs wants just the facts

“Stormy Monday,” Question Mark and the Mysterians; “Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt (pt. 2),” Otis Jackson

Blind Arvella Grey’s on social discourse and roughneck days

“Paper in My Shoe,” Boozoo Chavis; “The Troubadour,” Johnny Cash; “In the Pines,” The Carter Family (2nd generation); “Old Rivers,” Dave Dudley; “Rainbow’s End,” Sons of the Pioneers; “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” JD Crow & the New South (Keith Whitley, vocals); “To the Other Woman,” Jeannie C. Riley; “I’d Lie to You For Your Love,” The Bellamy Brothers

Dion McGregor talks in his sleep

“Mr. Moon,” Bobby Charles; “Streets of Laredo,” Leonard Cohen; “Phantom 309,” Tom Waits; “Blame It On Me,” John Carter Cash; “Rivers of Babylon,” Wingless Angels; “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” Dizzy Gillespie; “Big Midnight Special,” Jean Shepard

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  1. Tony

    Another great show! Thanks. I'll have to listen to this one a few times in order to fully appreciate it. Love the diverse styles.


  2. Awesome, thanks Jim. It's a pretty eclectic episode, maybe not even for the better (I feel pretty good about it, but there are definitely ones that have a tighter focus and drive to them). So many great buried songs, so little time . . .

  3. Tony: did episodes 1 to 10 disappear? Crying in One Magnetic Voice also is a powerful, wonderful show. Thanks!

  4. By the way, just listened to Episode 4, "The Soul Saving Station." Great show. Maybe your best, at least in my opinion. But, the Magnetic Voice show also was great, and the Woodie Guthrie show was a gem.

  5. Come back, Tony!!! We miss you. Your podcasts are the best!

  6. Daisy Correct.

    Get back to work!

    Need source materials for future Podcasts? Got terabytes of Music/Stories in similar genres.

    Paul B., Field Recordist, Ethnomusicologist (AKA Songcatcher) [Not a Robot... yet.]

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