Thursday, March 25, 2010

Episode 11 | "God Has a Train"

Welcome to Tony Tost's America. My name is Tony Tost, and this is my America:

"Just like a Woman," John Lee Hooker
"Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man," Captain Beefheart
"Louisiana Saturday Night," Mel McDaniel
"Hank, You Still Make Me Cry," Boxcar Willie
"A World So Full of Love," Roger Miller
"Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb," Soul Stirrers

CD Wright catalogs the national pastimes

"When the World's On Fire," The Carter Family
"Viel Zu Spat," Johnny Cash
"Hi Ho Silver," Bobby Lee Trammel
"Let a Soldier Drink," Jerry Lee Lewis

Jimmy Reed invokes the real good times

"Cripple Creek," Skip Spence
"The Hinges on the Door," Connie Smith

Johnny Cash, spokesman for a generation

"Richland Woman Blues," Mississippi John Hurt
"Somebody Makes Me Think of You," Blue Sky Boys
"(Pardon Me) I've Got Someone to Kill," Johnny Paycheck

Richard Pryor studies the relationship between history and sexuality

"Hillbilly Surfer," Whitey White
"River, Stay Away from My Door," Charlie Rich
"Satan's River," Porter Wagoner

Juliana Spahr's geographical history of Hawaii

"Same Old Tale that the Crow Told Me," Johnny Horton
"Do You Call That Religion?" Monroe Brothers
"House of Gold," Unknown Female Trio (recording found in Sun Studio)
"Jesus on the Radio (Daddy on the Phone)," Tom T. Hall
"He Got Better Things for You," Memphis Sanctified Singers

Lenny Bruce shows how he relaxes his colored friends at parties

"Mississippi Mud," Bix Beiderbecke with Paul Whiteman
"This Train Is a Clean Train," Elder Roma Wilson
"Waymore's Blues," Class of '55 (Cash, Lewis, Orbison, Perkins)



  1. Great set, TT. Anyone who can put CD Wright and Boxcar Willie in the same set is ok by me.

  2. Rock on! Anyone who listens to the episode and digs both Boxcar and CD is alright by me.

  3. TT, That Soul Stirrers track is 100% ALL RIGHT.

  4. Just listened to this episode again and I still absolutely love it. Takes me back to my childhood in Appalachia. Thank you Tony.