Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tony Tost's America | Episode 8 | "Come Back Woody Guthrie"

Welcome to Tony Tost's America. My name is Tony Tost, and this is my America:

"California (I'm Comin')," Little Richard
"Old Dog Blue," Jim Jackson
"Gospel Snakes," Lonnie Glosson

Jim Jones speaks at Jonestown

"Mother's Last Word to Her Son," Washington Phillips
"Who's Gonna Be Your Man," Ella Jenkins

Rev. J.M. Gates discusses the reason for the season
Rev. Jimmy Swaggart analyzes the issue of motherhood

"Delia's Gone," Johnny Cash
"St. James Infirmary," Bobby 'Blue' Bland
"Blue Moon Baby," Dave 'Diddle' Day
"I'm Gonna Join the Army," Silas Hogan

Stokely Carmichael talks about the learning curve of the white community

"Color Song (I Lost My Love)," Jean Shepard
"The Mercenary Song," Steve Earle
"Desperadoes Waiting for a Train," Guy Clark
"Casino," Marty Stuart

Alice Notley gauges and assuages

"Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)," Willie Nelson & Calexico
"Jesus Was Our Savior and Cotton Was Our King," Billy Joe Shaver
"Searching for a Soldier's Grave," Kitty Wells

Eugene V. Debs dreams a little dream

"Christmastime in Washington," Steve Earle
"Dialogue" & "Cut the Thievin' Hands Off the IRS," Ajay Lowery
"Pig at Home in a Pen," The Stanley Brothers
"Harlan County," Jim Ford

Johnny Cash picks up a hitchhiker

"Going to Memphis," Johnny Cash
"Are You Washed in the Blood?" Jim & Jesse

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